New To Lacrosse

New to Lacrosse

Are You a New Lacrosse Parent?

As a parent who is new-to-the-game, you will have lots of questions from what type of lacrosse equipment is best for your child, how to shoot or catch a ball efficiently. Source For Sports has tips and how-to information to get you and your child started.

Kids Lacrosse Equipment

What you need to know...

When your child starts in lacrosse, it is a new learning experience for both of you. We have the tips and advice to help you become an expert lacrosse parent off the field! Knowing the basics is half the battle and will ensure your child is in the right gear.

Check out this How To article to point you in the right direction.

How-To's for New to Lacrosse Parents | Source For Sports

Box Lacrosse vs Field Lacrosse

As a new lacrosse parent or player, you may be wondering what the main differences are between box and field lacrosse since it will mean different leagues and styles of play.

New To Lacrosse | Box Lacrosse VS. Field Lacrosse

    Box Lacrosse

  • Version of lacrosse created in Canada, and played mainly in North America
  • Indoor version of lacrosse – typically played on hockey rinks when the ice is taken out
  • Teams of 6 (5 players and 1 goalie)
  • More similar to basketball strategically – all 5 players play offensively and defensively as a unit
  • 30 second shot clock introduced for novice division and older
  • No offside or icing
  • Contact education introduced at early levels
  • Fewer youth injuries compared to other sports

    Field Lacrosse

  • Traditional version of lacrosse
  • Outdoor version of lacrosse – played on a field
  • Teams of 10 (9 players and 1 goalie)
  • More similar to soccer strategically – players are separated into positions and must occupy a certain area of the field; 3 attack, 3 midfielders, 3 defence
  • No time limit to take a shot
  • To avoid offside, teams must maintain at least 4 players on either side of the field at all times
  • Contact education introduced at early levels
  • Fewer youth injuries compared to other sports

Lacrosse Equipment Checklist

Learn more about the game of lacrosse and our selection of kids protective, gloves, sticks and helmets for sale
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A begginer's checklist to beginning the Lacrosse season

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