Best Etiquette Tips on the Ski Slopes

by Source For Sports Winter Sports Here are a few things to keep in mind on the slopes to ensure an easy ride beside other skiers.

It’s your first time on the hill? You’re probably very excited and also a bit nervous, because you don’t know what to expect or what the "code" is on the mountain or hill. The best thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be sharing the hill with a lot of other newbies who don’t know the unspoken code, and you’ll also run into a lot of veteran skiers who don’t know them either. First time skier? Read our Ski Day Check List blog.

Ski Etiquette Tips

  1. Don’t butt into the lift line. Wait your turn; we’re all going to the same place.
  2. If you’re waiting for a friend, don’t do it in line; and don’t push past other duos and quads to catch up with your group. Chill out. You’ll see them at the top.
  3. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Keep your poles in check. Scratching someone’s skis or snowboard with your poles isn’t cool.
  4. Don’t glide over someone else’s skis or board. Keep your gear under control while in line.
    Common sense and social manners should prevail in the gondola. Keep the conversation light and quiet... and keep the language clean.
  5. If you’re riding a chairlift, warn the other riders before you put the bar down. There’s nothing worse than getting whacked in the head with the chair lift bar by some newbie.
  6. When you are getting off the chair or gondola, clear the area before you put your gloves and hat on or decide which run to take. If you’re riding a chair lift make sure you figure out who is going left and right before you get off to avoid the embarrassment of falling on your face.
  7. Keep your trash to yourself. That wrapper from the energy bar you just ate won’t weigh you down. Your jacket has pockets for a reason. Put it in your pocket until you get to a trash can.
  8. Ski on trails that match your ability. A skier who has mastered the green run shouldn’t assume they’re ready for a black diamond. Work your way through the ski levels – it’s safer for everyone.
  9. Respect the newbie skier / boarder on the hill. Don’t cut too close; give them lots of room. You never know where they may end up.
  10. The skier in front of you has the right of way. It’s your responsibility to avoid them.
  11. Don’t stop or sit down in the middle of the hill. Move off to the side and you won’t cause a collision.
  12. Observe all posted sign and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. Best case scenario – your ski pass is revoked. Worst case scenario – the coyotes close in around while you lie on the cold snow with a broken leg.

Happy skiing!

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