Tip: Renting vs. Buying Ski Equipment

by Source For Sports Winter Sports Deciding whether to buy or rent skis this season? Review our helpful tips to make the right decision for the whole family.

Do you struggle with the decision whether to rent or purchase skis and ski equipment?

Maybe you’re not sure how many times you will get on the ski slopes this season, what Mother Nature has in store for the snow forecast, or if skiing is even the sport for you.

Here are some tips that will help determine if you want to purchase ski equipment for you and the family:

Pros for Renting Ski Equipment

Pros for Owning Your Ski Equipment

  • If you have never skied before, renting is a good idea. Being a first time skier can be over whelming -to be safe and have the best experience, book a ski lesson with a ski instructor. It is important you take the time to learn the do’s and don’ts on the slopes, and know how to turn, stop, and descend the hill safely.
  • You may think that renting saves money, however, depending on how many times you hit the slopes, your rental costs over the course of a season could be the same as equipment purchased. The initial purchase may be a large, however the long term investment could save you money. On average, intermediate skiers can have 7-10 seasons out of their ski purchase.
  • Travelling is easier if you are flying or packing a family in the car. Lugging skis and boots can be difficult and heavy.
  • Consistency of the equipment and how it feels. Your own gear will be comfortable as you had it fit specifically for you and your level of skiing. This peace of mind adds extra comfort and value to your day.
  • Some high-end rental shops have the option of renting different types of skis and boots. Some people want powder specific skis, others want to try different models; this allows you to try before you buy.
  • There are numerous users of the rental equipment thought out the season, so it’s hard to keep track how tuned he skis are. With your own equipment you know how many hours the skis have been on hill, and can take them into your local shop for a professional tune up when needed.
  • Renting can be a time waster; you can spend hours waiting in line for rentals at the beginning of your ski day. Don’t miss out on the fresh tracks waiting for rentals.


  • If you can’t commit to purchasing a whole package, just buy ski boots and a helmet. You can rent the skis and poles at the rental shop. Knowing your feet are comfortable and your head is safe in equipment that fits you is worth every penny.

Ski Tip For Parents

Don’t worry about your child outgrowing their ski equipment season after season. Many Source For Sports ski shops accommodate this issue with a half back program. Depending on the store, you can purchase a junior ski package -  have your child ski for a year and then return at the end of season for a credit towards new gear the following ski year.



Contact your local Source For Sports ski store for advice on the right skis for you:

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