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by Source For Sports Winter Sports Don't forget anything for your day on the slopes! Here's a quick checklist for you to keep track. 

Skiing is a lot of fun. Clearly you believe so if you're researching about a ski day checklist. However, ensuring you not only have the right gear but properly fitting gear for your skiing style and weather will turn a day of fun into a great day on the slopes. New to skiing? check out our blog on Skiing Etiquette and get the low down for the hill.

Ski Day Checklist

Here's a quick checklist we've come up with that will help you with ski gear and accessories for the perfect day on the hill:

  1. Fitted skis with properly tuned bindings that are relevant for your ability, size and terrain. 
  2. Ski boots that have been sized to fit snugly to allow energy transfer from your foot to the ski, for maximum control. Boots that are too tight will be uncomfortable and inhibit blood flow, leaving you with cold feet; if boots are too large your skis won’t respond.
  3. Poles aid in balance and control. Make sure that your poles are suitable for your size.  If they are too long, they will be unwieldy and can trip you up; too short and it will cause you to lean too far forward when planting your pole down the slope.
  4. A helmet that fits snug without movement is imperative for proper protection.If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t protect.
  5. Don’t let the sun blind you. Goggles or sunglasses will not only protect your eyes, but keep you safe so you can see where you are going.
  6. Once your feet get wet or cold, your ski day is ruined.  Invest in ski socks that wick away moisture to keep your feet warm, dry and blister-free.
  7. Even when it is cold outside, you will be working up a sweat.  Dress in insulating base layers of moisture-wicking material to keep your core warm and dry.
  8. Jacket and pants that are waterproof but breathable will act as your first-line of defense against the elements.  Look for features like snow skirts, elasticized cuffs, pit zips and pockets with moisture resistant zippers.
  9. Water resistant gloves or mittens that wick moisture, have heat retaining ability but allow finger movement.
  10. Most of your body heat will dissipate through your head.  A hat keeps the heat in where you need it.
  11. Neck warmers and balaclavas are great accessories for unexpected weather changes and wind chills.
  12. Your extremities will be the first to feel the cold.  Hand and feet warmers that can be activated and placed on top of the feet or back of the hands are always a good idea and are easily carried.
  13. Save your skin with sunscreen and lip chap. The rays from the sun are intensified at higher altitudes and from bouncing off the snow.
  14. Lock for skis (optional) if you need to leave them unattended for a while.
  15. Walkie talkies will help you keep in touch with your group.
  16. Keep fueled with power bars, dried fruit, and water.

Being well-prepared means that you will have a carefree day.

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