How To Make Skiing Fun for the Whole Family

by Source For Sports Winter Sports Here's a list of the Top 7 things to consider when taking your family skiing, and keeping it fun and safe at the same time.

Let’s face it – staring down a huge white hill in below-zero weather may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect day. So what can you do to encourage a hesitant child who is less enthusiastic about the family ski trip so that everyone can enjoy the slopes? Here's some tips and suggestions from us parents at your local Source For Sports stores.

1. Outfit Your Child In Ski Equipment That Fits

The wrong fit won’t only be uncomfortable, but dangerous, especially for a new and unconfident skier on the hills. A professional ski boot fitter will ensure that your child’s foot is secure so that they have control over their skis, as well as adjust the bindings properly, and that the length of both skis and poles are suitable for your child.

2. Dress Your Child Appropriately For The Conditions on the Ski Hill

No one likes being cold or wet on the ski hill, and if this happens, your child will quickly lose interest. Technical clothing that wicks away sweat and combats the elements, non -blister socks, a helmet and face and neck warmers and goggles are a must. Staying warm is half the battle.

3. A Proper Ski Helmet Is Critical To Keep Your Chid Safe

Helmets and goggles are available in funky patterns that kids love and protection that parents want. When they look good, they feel good, and you'll feel better that their helmet is protecting their head.

4. Whenever Possible, Try To Ski With Your Kids On A Sunny Day

Severe wind chills, pelting snow and icy conditions will only reinforce your child’s desire to be inside playing games on an electronic device.

5. Have Your Children Take Responsibility For Their Ski Gear

Teach them how to put on and adjust their own boots and how to safely carry their own skis. The more involved they are in the process, the more they own the situation. Even young kid can manage to sling their skis over their shoulders, which is much cooler than having the parent carry all the stuff like a Sherpa.

6. Let Your Child Bring A Friend Along

Especially a friend that is enthusiastic to participate. This will motivate your child to try, keep up, learn, improve and share the fun with a peer. Learning together with a friend can make the day more fun.

7. Know Your Child’s Motivators

Is it a cool outfit in their favourite colour? Is it a hot chocolate with marshmallows at the bottom of the hill? Or their choice of movie at the end of the day? Make the day fun by including other fun events no matter how small.

Small positive experiences may ultimately lead to learning to love the sport, or if not, at least participating with good humour and enjoying the family ski trip.

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