How to Dress for Cross Country Skiing

by Source For Sports Winter Sports Learn how layering your clothing for cross country skiing will make your day more enjoyable, comfortable, and predictable out on the ski trails.

Cross country skiing is a great way for an outdoor workout over the winter months in Canada. To get the best out of this sport, dressing for the day and activity maximizes your comfort on the trails keeping you warm and in the mood to move on.

First off, make sure you layer your clothing. Specific layers will wick moisture, keep body heat in, and protect against the elements. Layers are designed to be peeled off easily as you warm up, and added back as you cool off.

Here are some quick tips for layering:

  • Start with a Smart Fibre base layer to trap body heat and release moisture from sweat
  • A middle thermal layer of Smart Fibre, natural wool or down feathers will keep your core temperature regulated
  • A water resistant outer layer will allow for mobility while protecting you from wind and snow
  • Ski-specific accessories like gloves that are designed to grip the ski pole will keep your hands warm without being bulky
  • A hat will keep your body heat in and protect your ears, which are susceptible to frost bite
  • Technical socks will keep your feet warm by wicking away moisture and avoid friction blisters
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