TRUE XSeries ACF Hockey Stick Review

by Source For Sports Hockey Accuracy. Control. Feel. That’s what TRUE promises with their new XSeries line of ACF hockey sticks.

Accuracy. Control. Feel. That’s what TRUE promises you’ll experience when taking to the ice with their new XC9, XC7, and XC5 ACF hockey sticks. TRUE sticks are designed with the versatile playmaker in mind – evident from the continuing stellar rookie performance by the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner. Now we’re not saying you’ll be the next #16 in blue, but you can have confidence that a twig from TRUE is a solid choice to help you rack up the points this season.

TRUE’s ACF stick series features three models: the XC5, XC7, and XC9. These are categorized mainly by levels of play. The XC5 and XC9 include models for junior, intermediate, and senior, while the XC7 comes exclusively as a senior stick. The XC9 stick is TRUE's top of the line offering, delivering every performance enhancing technology TRUE has to offer and is Mitch Marner's weapon of choice.

All the TRUE ACF hockey sticks from the XC9 down to to the XC5 feature XCORE technology. XCORE uses a compressible urethane insert incorporated in the blade to increase puck spin by 30% for more accurate shots and passes as well as a better overall feel. This extra puck spin will let you thread the needle to an open player on the breakout, or find the top corner from the top of the circle, and the urethane insert gives you the ability to control hard passes without the vibration traveling up the shaft to your hands. The TRUE XC9, XC7, and XC5 ACF stick models also feature TRUE’s patent-pending Braided Rib Technology, or BRT, which creates the strongest stick core ever without sacrificing explosive power in every shot. Braided tubes within the core are seamless, eliminating inconsistencies and immensely improving blade strength.

When it comes to the TRUE ACF stick shafts, control is the goal with a one-piece compression molded design. The consistency of the shaft construction coupled with the XCORE design of the blade makes for a well-balanced hockey stick that allows you to make the most of each and every puck contact. The durability of these hockey sticks can be attributed to TRUE's SmartPly technology. SmartPly uses 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber within the stick shaft for a consistent feel and a reduction in vibrations, providing you supreme comfort with every hard shot. In the TRUE XC9 ACF hockey stick specifically, SmartFlex composite design technology optimizes the stiffness distribution along the entire hockey stick, as the shaft is gradually stiffer towards the blade of the stick, resulting in ideal plays with the puck due to an even more responsive kick point.

If you’re looking for an all-around performance-enhancing stick this season, you can definitely find with the TRUE XC9, XC7, and XC5 ACF hockey sticks. Check out this hockey stick line at your local Source For Sports.

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