Product Review: Source Exclusive CCM Tacks Vector Pro Hockey Skates

by Source For Sports Hockey Built off the Tacks 6092 with Ultra Tacks features, you’ll be ahead of the game in the CCM Vector Pro skates offered exclusively at Source For Sports.

Built from the Tacks 6092 with upgrades from the CCM Ultra Tacks, you’ll be ahead of the game in the Vector Pro skates from CCM, offered exclusively at Source For Sports. Our Source Exclusive skates will give you incredible features in a high quality skate at an unbeatable price.

When you step into the Vector Pro skates from CCM, your feet can count on overall comfort based on a variety of awesome upgrades. Starting with the quarter package, the Vector Pro skates now have Action Form composite which is reinforced and fully heat thermo-formable providing a customized fit and enhanced protection for your feet. The Vector Pro skates also have the Ultra Tacks’ TriTech pro felt tongue with injected lace-bite prevention for a more comfortable fit over time. The eyelets are made of brass, enhancing the life of both the eyelets and your hockey laces. Last but not least, the liner of the Vector Pro skates is a Dual Zone TotalDri liner from CCM, meaning you can depend on these skates to keep your feet dry and comfortable so you can focus on your stride.

When it comes to the blade, the Vector Pro skates have the sleek SpeedBlade Black runner. Treated for a longer edge life and resistance to corrosion, this runner will allow you to make those deep cuts on the ice over and over without sacrificing blade quality. Between the sleek SpeedBlade Black runner and chrome touches on the skate boot, you’ll be skating in style with the Vector Pro skates.

If you want a pair of skates to match the style and intensity of your game, you’ll definitely want to try out the Source Exclusive CCM Vector Pro skates. Come into your local Source For Sports hockey dealer and get fitted using our Pro-Formance Advantage Custom Fitting System. From beginner to pro, Source For Sports will put you in the right gear for your game, at the right price.

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Source Exclusive products include upgrades from higher end models designed to improve comfort and performance without impacting the price.

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Elevate your game with Source Exclusive hockey products, available only at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.

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