Source Exclusive CCM Quicklite Control Hockey Protective Equipment Review

by Source For Sports Hockey Based on the CCM 270 models, the CCM Quicklite Control protective family features enhancements from the CCM 290 line.

New for 2016 is the Source Exclusive CCM Quicklite Control line of hockey protective equipment.

Based on the CCM 270 models, the CCM Quicklite Control protective family features enhancements from the CCM 290 line, including extra padding, strategic lining and CCM’s Ventshield technology.

The Quicklite shoulder pads have molded Dryfoam technology that absorbs less sweat to keep the gear lightweight and dry. Molded low profile PE shoulder and bicep caps offer superior protection and comfort. An EVA molded vented front and back base offer improved breathability, comfort and lightweight feel without sacrificing protection and feature an anatomical PE sternum with comfort neck padding.

For improved mobility and comfort, the CCM Quicklite elbow pads have a 3 piece design with Dryfoam technology. The new PE cap has a domed shape, similar in shape to construction helmets to disperse the impact efficiently around the joint. The molded EVA, vented bicep guard integrates with the shoulder pads for maximum coverage and protection. The forearm area has molded PE and exposed foam to protect against slashes, and the pad is held securely in place with a 3 strap system for a fully customized fit.

The new lightweight shell design and hinge system offer improved mobility on the Quicklite shin guard. A molded HD foam thigh guard and extended protection around the calf cover your leg front and back. The contoured shin interior has molded foam and a light base liner for ergonomic comfort.

Source For Sports has added the Ventshield technology to the shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards for maximum air flow and protection in strategic areas.

To complete your protective gear from shoulder to shin, the CCM Quicklite hockey pant is constructed with Pro 400D nylon for durability. From the 290 model, we have added the split spine and molded PE protection on the back of the pant to protect from impacts in the kidney and lower spine regions. The thigh guard also has molded PE plastic and foam for maximum protection and has a leg zipper for ease of dressing. You can achieve a personalized fit with the hockey lace and belt system with the added advantage of the 1 inch extension option to allow some growing room over the season.

Comfort, durability and protection sum up the Source Exclusive CCM Quicklite line of hockey protection. Source For Sports will get you in the right gear for your game, at the right price.

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