Source Exclusive CCM Premier Goalie Equipment

by Source For Sports Hockey Source For Sports and CCM Goalie have upgraded the R1.9 and R1.5 Premier goal gear collections to elevate your game between the pipes.

The 2016 CCM Premier line of goalie equipment is designed to amplify your coverage.

Source For Sports and CCM Goalie have teamed up to make upgrades to both the R1.9 and R1.5 collections within the CCM Premier category: this means improved CCM pads, catchers, and blockers – available only at Source For Sports. Source Exclusive CCM Premier goalie gear is sure to elevate your game between the pipes.

Check out the entire Source Exclusive CCM Premier line here.

The CCM Premier R1.9 and R1.5 pads have a lighter profile and a deep channel fit. The leg strap system was redesigned along with lighter padding in the leg channel in order to optimize leg rotation. To maximize performance in net, our Source For Sports goalie experts have added a double outer break, as well as an upgraded control thigh wrap protector for added overall control. Goalies can also sport their favourite team’s look with special colours for Montréal, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and Boston.

CCM Premier Goal Pads

When it comes to catchers and blockers, comfort, hand protection and an expanded sweet spot for show-stopping saves are the features that the CCM Premier R1.9 and R1.5 goalie gear showcase to keep the modern day goalie protected when getting in front of today’s faster, harder shots. To ramp up protection, the original felt and foam palm of the catcher and low density foam finger wrap of the blocker have been modified to include D30 Impact Protection foam; D30 foam molecules actually stiffen based on how intense puck impact is, resulting in comfortable padding with stellar protection. Our Source Exclusive CCM Premier R1.9 and R1.5 catchers are designed with an offset tee and a skate lace pocket to capture that puck and make the save.

CCM Premier Goalie CatchersCCM Premier 2016 Goalie Blockers

Lastly, Adiprene foam as seen in the Premier Pro protective line has been added to the Eflex Shield chest and arm protector to absorb more impact and kill rebounds so goalies can focus on their movement and control the play with ease.

If you’re a goalie looking to step up your performance in net, you’ll definitely want to check out the 2016 Source Exclusive CCM Premier Goalie equipment. This gear will keep you comfortable and secure, allowing you to focus on the next puck coming your way. Available exclusively at your local Source For Sports store.

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