Source Exclusive Bauer Vapor X:Shift Hockey Protective Gear Review

by Source For Sports Hockey The Bauer Vapor X:Shift line of protective hockey equipment provides great value and is available only at Source For Sports.

Source For Sports and Bauer have teamed up to bring you the Source Exclusive Bauer Vapor X:Shift line of protective equipment for hockey – available only at Source For Sports.

The Vapor X:Shift equipment models are carefully crafted using base features from the X900, with added upgrades and 1X features to ramp up your comfort and safety on the ice.

The Vapor X:Shift shoulder pads are made with HD foam and use AEROLITE technology for an incredibly lightweight pad that doesn’t sacrifice protection of the sternum, spine, kidneys and of course, shoulders. These pads have a tapered fit with Free Flex bicep guards for the necessary mobility you need when shooting.

The elbow pads in the Vapor X:Shift line also use AEROLITE technology and have injected MD foam caps for solid coverage. The interior donut sling and 3-strap closure system also help to keep elbows snug and in place without shifting.

You’ll enjoy the tapered fit and flex shin caps of the Vapor X:Shift shin guards. They’re meant for supreme flexibility on the ice and won’t inhibit your impressive stride. These shin guards have been upgraded to include both the knee wing and strapping system of the Bauer 1X shin guards for a secure and natural fit. There are 3 straps as well as a featured anchor top strap for added security and comfort.

With triple density foam on the inside and nylon construction, the durable Vapor X:Shift gloves will keep you protected and comfortable along with the rest of your protective gear. The gloves have patented 2-piece flex lock thumbs and AX Suede Quattro palms for better grip and control to help you keep that puck. Upgraded to include a Free Flex cuff, your wrist will have all the mobility it needs to get a quick shot off before the goalie finds the post.

All the Source Exclusive Bauer Vapor X:Shift protective pieces have been upgraded to include 37.5 liner technology to evaporate sweat, regulate temperature, and elevate your performance by keeping you cool and dry from the first faceoff to the end of the third.

The Best Value in the Game. Period.

Source Exclusive products include upgrades from higher end models designed to improve comfort and performance without impacting the price.

What does this mean for you? Outstanding value! Superior features and increased performance at the same price as products found anywhere else.

Elevate your game with Source Exclusive hockey products, available only at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.

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