Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Elite Hockey Skates Review

by Source For Sports Hockey The Source Exclusive Supreme Elite hockey skate is built from the Supreme S170 model to give you great value and performance.

When we say “we know our stuff”, we mean it. Our Source For Sports hockey experts work with Bauer to create Source Exclusive products; these items are based on inline models, but we have added features from higher end products and are able to offer them to you at incredible value.

Bauer Supreme Elite Skates

The Source Exclusive Supreme Elite hockey skate is built from the Supreme S170 model. The customized 3D ultra-lightweight tech mesh quarter package wraps around your foot, optimizing your power and speed as you blast through the defense on your way to the net. The thermoformable upper means you can get a custom fit that is perfect.

To the Form Fit+ footbed, we have added the Hydra Max grip liner to stabilize your foot; when your foot is snug inside the boot, you get maximum energy transfer which results in elevated performance on the ice. As well, the hydrophobic microfiber wicks moisture from your foot, keeping you light and dry.

Bauer Supreme Elite SkatesBauer Supreme Elite SkatesBauer Supreme Elite Skates

We have also taken the Form Fit 40 oz 2-piece felt tongue from the Supreme 180 model and added it to our Supreme Elite skate. The high-density metatarsal guard protects you from the dreaded lace bite, keeping you comfortable throughout the game so you can focus on the puck, not your feet.

The Bauer Supreme Elite skate also features the TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE blade holder and LS1 stainless steel runner to keep you in the game.

The Best Value in the Game. Period.

Source Exclusive products include upgrades from higher end models designed to improve comfort and performance without impacting the price.

What does this mean for you? Outstanding value! Superior features and increased performance at the same price as products found anywhere else.

Elevate your game with Source Exclusive hockey products, available only at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.

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