Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Comp Hockey Skates Review

by Source For Sports Hockey Based on the Bauer Supreme S170 skates, the Source Exclusive Supreme Comp hockey skates will make every stride count on the ice.

Source for Sports has developed a family of Source Exclusive hockey skates, based on inline Bauer skate models, but with added features to offer our customers upgraded skates at incredible prices.

Bauer Supreme Comp Skates

The new Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Comp hockey skate delivers.  Based on the inline Bauer Supreme S170 model, we have added the lightweight composite outsole from the Supreme S190 model.  Responsive and light, this outsole enhances energy transfer from boot to blade, making every stride count on the ice.

The Hydra Max grip liner not only stabilizes your foot to ensure there is no loss of momentum, but also wicks moisture keeping the skate light, and your feet comfortable and dry.

Bauer Supreme Comp SkatesBauer Supreme Comp SkatesBauer Supreme Comp Skates

The durable stainless steel TUUK LS2 Edge runner lets you switch out your blade on the fly, so you never miss a shift.  Having extra blades on hand that are sharpened to your specs is an undeniable advantage to every hockey player.

Come into Source For Sports and check out the Source Exclusive line of hockey skates. From beginner to pro, we’ll put you in the right gear for your game, at the right price.

The Best Value in the Game. Period.

Source Exclusive products include upgrades from higher end models designed to improve comfort and performance without impacting the price.

What does this mean for you? Outstanding value! Superior features and increased performance at the same price as products found anywhere else.

Elevate your game with Source Exclusive hockey products, available only at Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.

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