Source Exclusive Bauer Nexus Havok Hockey Skates Review

by Source For Sports Hockey Our Source Exclusive Nexus Havok skates are built off the Bauer Nexus N7000, but with upgrades to create a skate that gives you superb value.

Part of the line up in the Source Exclusive skate offering for 2016 are the Bauer Nexus Havok hockey skates.

Our Nexus Havoks are built off the inline Bauer Nexus N7000, but we have added upgrades to create a skate that gives you superb comfort and performance for great value.

Source Exclusive enhancements include a full composite outsole to transfer energy from your foot to the boot to the blade, giving you power in each stride.  In conjunction with the Hydra Max mesh liner, your energy will be maximized, while your feet are kept dry and comfortable. 

The comfort level is also increased with the upgraded tongue from the N9000 skate model.  The molded metatarsal guard protects against lace bite, keeping your mind on the game.  Added wear patches on the inside eyelets extends the life of the skate, as well as ensure a snug fit.

Finally, the upgraded LS2 steel will keep your edges keen, elevating your performance on-ice.

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Source For Sports. We Know Our Stuff.

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