Review: Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Equipment

by Source For Sports Hockey The Bauer Prodigy kids hockey protective equipment was designed to help young children and parents gear up and get prepared for the game they love.

The Bauer Prodigy equipment line was designed with kids, and parents, in mind. From Velcro strapping to combined pieces of equipment, your all-star will be able to put on hockey equipment hassle-free. This will save you time, worry, and money as the Bauer Prodigy pieces are less expensive without sacrificing on protection, meaning great value and peace of mind for you and your little rookie.

Starting off the with hockey pants, you’ve got a 3-in-1 design including a built-in jock or jill and shin guards that are attached via a polyester liner. By simply sliding on these pants and doing up a couple Velcro straps, your child has already put on three pieces of equipment.

Bauer Prodigy Kids Youth Hockey Protective Shin Guards Equipment available for sale at Source For SportsView Bauer Prodigy Youth Pants

Another combination piece is the Bauer Prodigy youth top. While at first glance it may look like a Bauer base layer garment, upon closer inspection you’ll notice that this top contains foam shoulder caps, bicep and forearm guards, sternum and spine protectors, and elbow pads attached with elastic straps. The attached shirt is lined with hydrophobic mesh to keep kids dry and comfortable for the whole game.

Bauer Prodigy Kids Youth Hockey Protective Shoulder Pads Equipment available for sale at Source For SportsView Bauer Prodigy Youth Top

Hockey players know all too well that the classic buttons used to strap on and fasten a helmet can be really tricky to close. In order to simplify this process for kids, Bauer has instead integrated a slide snap which requires less force to properly secure. This helmet is also constructed using dual-density foam for excellent comfort and protection. To make things easier, the Prodigy helmet has a two-piece adjustable shell with tool-free adjustment.

Perfect for starters, the Prodigy hockey gloves are made with single density foam and stretch mesh to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit as well as protection. These gloves are lightweight so they won’t inhibit a young player from learning how to shoot and pass correctly. Also, they’ll make it easier to grip the Bauer Prodigy stick. The composite Prodigy stick is designed for 3 specific heights, each with different shaft thicknesses and flex profiles to match. A manageable stick weight and height makes all the difference when a child is learning the basics of handling the puck; there are even instructions on how to tape the blade and handle so new hockey players can begin to learn about equipment maintenance and grow with the game.

Bauer Prodigy Kids Youth Hockey Protective Gloves Equipment available for sale at Source For SportsView Bauer Prodigy Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Prodigy youth line is also available for goalies with easy strapping systems and lightweight construction so new goaltenders can master the butterfly without being weighed down by equipment. Soft and flexible pads will keep goalies comfortable and allow for mobility, and the blocker and trapper have special palm and foam construction making them easy to use straight out of the box. The Prodigy goalie stick also uses special flat front geometry and a scaled down size to reduce weight making it a bit easier for the brave kid between the pipes.

For the kids starting out in hockey at a young age, the Bauer Prodigy line is a great choice as it provides an introduction to equipment basics while giving them the independence to take their pregame into their own hands. With the level of protection and comfort Bauer is known for, young hockey players will be comfortable and happy on the ice, and parents can enjoy watching worry-free.

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