How to Fit Hockey Elbow Pads

by Source For Sports Hockey Properly fitting elbow pads will protect not only the bones in your elbow, but your forearms and biceps from slashes and pucks as well.

Hockey elbow pads are crucial for a player’s complete and secure protection on the ice; anyone who’s fallen on the ice elbow-first understands their importance. Properly fitting elbow pads will protect not only the bones in your elbow, but your forearms and biceps from slashes and pucks as well. The right elbow pads for your game will allow you to block shots and dangle through the opposing team without worrying about injuries from hard pucks and defensive whacks to the arm without hindering your mobility.

Elbow pads are comprised of an exterior hard cap, with a padded interior ‘donut’ where the elbow rests, a bicep guard and a forearm guard made of foam and injected plastic materials. They are fastened with stretchy Velcro straps, allowing you to adjust the level of tightness and customize your fit as it’s important to ensure the arm is protected with no gaps between equipment pieces. The edges of your elbow pads should reach the cuff of your gloves and the bottom of the bicep guards on your shoulder pads.

In order to determine your size, you’ll need to refer to a couple other pieces of your equipment. While wearing your gloves and shoulder pads, measure the distance (in inches) between the cuff of your gloves and the edge of the bicep guards. This measurement will determine the length of elbow pads you require for proper coverage in between. When sizing in this way, elbow pads are typically offered in the following lengths:
























Sizing will vary by brand and model, so another good starting point is to refer to a brand’s elbow pads sizing chart and determine the recommended size for you based on your height. Since everyone is built differently however, there’s no technique as accurate as trying on the elbow pads to get a better feel for them. Be sure to bring your shoulder pads and gloves along when shopping for elbow pads so you can evaluate your range of motion and comfort level, and that each piece integrates to provide complete coverage from wrist to shoulder. Elbow pad models will have different features such as 2 or 3 articulated pieces, varying degrees of padding inside the pad, and 2 to 3 straps to secure the equipment to your arm, depending on your preference, style and level of play.

The right fit will mean your elbows sit comfortably in the elbow cap, and the elbow pads overall feel snug and secure without shifting or sacrificing mobility. You should feel protected without impairing your ability to shoot, pass and stick handle.

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