CCM JetSpeed Hockey Stick

by Source For Sports Hockey CCM's JetSpeed stick combines added power with improved control for the well-rounded hockey player.

CCM JetSpeed Stick 2018 Overview

The CCM JetSpeed Stick for 2018 improves power, comfort and feel through a combination of new and tested and true features. From a hybrid kick point to the use of Sigmatex technology throughout, this stick is sure to bring your game to the next level. CCM’s new JetSpeed hockey stick is coming to your Source For Sports elite CCM hockey store July 20, 2018. For now, we’ve got the inside scoop on the design, and new features you’ll want to hear about.

A Hybrid Kick Point to Optimize Your Game

The new kick point on the JetSpeed stick surges your power due to its hinge effect resulting from increased stiffness. This means greater power when moving and shooting the puck, coupled with higher speeds due to the seamless soft taper zone. Extra power is always a benefit of CCM products, and the JetSpeed hockey stick is no exception.

All-New Shaft Shape for Better Control

The 2018 JetSpeed stick boasts new shaft dimensions to better fit the curves of your hand so you can become one with your shot. The newly designed shaft has rounded corners, as well as a convex top and bottom and concave sides. This new and improved shape allows for both comfort and control when gripping the stick and taking those hard shots. Designed with the player in mind, this shaft shape seeks to allow for proper grip and unparalleled control based on a player’s hand placement for any type of puck movement.

CCM JetSpeed Hockey Stick | Source For Sports

A Patented JetStream Blade Construction

The 2018 JetSpeed stick puts to use CCM’s patented JetStream technology for a multi-channel blade for a lightweight and incredible feel. The blade also uses a proprietary dampening material to assist with control and comfort on hard puck contact, as well as a textured blade face for improved handling.

An Exclusive Composite Technology

An exclusive composite spread tow fabric called Sigmatex is used to strengthen the construction of CCM’s JetSpeed hockey stick from shaft to blade. Sigmatex is incredibly durable because of its high-tension weaving process and was designed by a leader in composite technology. Just another way CCM is collaborating to put the best stick possible in your hands.

CCM continues to design and create premium products for the dedicated hockey player. The CCM JetSpeed hockey stick is bound to give you the power and control you need to bring every play to the next level on the ice. Coming to your local Source For Sports store July 20, 2018.

CCM JetSpeed Connor McDavid | Source For Sports

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