CCM JetSpeed FT2 Goalie Skates

by Source For Sports Hockey CCM's JetSpeed FT2 goalie skates will be available at your local Source For Sports in-store and online April 26, 2019.

CCM’s new JetSpeed FT2 goalie skates are coming to your local Source For Sports on April 26, 2019. An enhanced one-piece boot and a high-tech holder are the highlights of this goalie skate. The new design will keep goalies comfortable and light on their feet to stop every puck coming their way.

An Even Better One-Piece Boot

The updated JetSpeed line boasts a wonderful new one-piece boot design – L1TEFRAME 360 EVO. This seamless boot has no outsole, less stitching, less nails, and less glue – all the stuff you don’t need. This means a lighter pair of goal skates. Additionally, no outsole means the responsiveness of this skate is heightened due to a more direct energy transfer from boot to blade. Power pushes from post to post are made easier with that kind of control, helping you stop wrap-arounds and one-timers with ease. That’s the one-piece benefit for your friendly neighbourhood netminder.

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Goalie Skates | Source For Sports

The Holder We’ve All Been Waiting For – SpeedBlade XSG

When it comes to what’s under your feet, CCM has some exciting technology in store for both hockey players and goalies alike, especially when it comes to keeping up with such a fast-paced game. The SpeedBlade XSG holder with patent pending BladeLock Technology is described as ‘the holder we’ve all been waiting for’. It has a quick release function to replace your blades using a positive-lock mechanism. The beauty of this mechanical lock comes in many forms. First off, it’s more durable than a spring-lock, and therefore more reliable in a game situation. Using the mechanical lock is intuitive with its ‘roll and pull’ motion on the dial. Plus, replacing this piece of technology if necessary is easy, since you can replace the lock itself as opposed to the entire skate holder. Not to mention, the blade itself is the SpeedBlade XSG1 Black +2mm for 9% more height than the previous generation and a longer edge life.

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Goalie Skates | Source For Sports

CCM’s Promise of Quality

Along with the top-notch tech, the JetSpeed FT2 hockey skates maintain the exceptional quality CCM is known for. The boot material is NHL-calibre RocketFrame Composite which means a super lightweight skate all around. Inside the boot you’ll find a TotalDri liner with DuraZone abrasion protection for moisture-wicking comfort and added durability.

A Better Butterfly With Asymmetric Flex Stance Contour

Comfort remains a priority for CCM hockey skates, and the JetSpeed FT2 goal skates ensure comfort for every movement a goalie has to make. The Asymmetric Flex Stance Contour means a lower boot cut collar which is shaped and molded allowing a deeper flex stance and a faster butterfly drop. There should be nothing stopping a goalie from stopping a hard shot along the ice, so the deeper cut aims to provide that added flexibility. Finally, CCM’s Orthomove footbed provides custom arch support to make your fit even more personalized and perfect.

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Goalie Skates Carey Price | Source For Sports

The CCM JetSpeed FT2 goalie skates are an ideal mix of comfort, efficiency, and innovation all wrapped up into one impressive product. Get your feet in these skates April 26, 2019 at your local Source For Sports hockey retailer.

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