CCM E-Flex III Goal Equipment Review

by Source For Sports Hockey The new E-Flex III equipment builds on the innovation of its predecessors by adding even more advancements to optimize performance.

Ever since Carey Price stepped onto the ice for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey in his brand new set of CCM E-Flex III gear, goalies everywhere have been eagerly awaiting their release. The third installment of the immensely popular CCM E-Flex Series, the new E-Flex III builds on the innovation of its predecessors by adding even more advancements to optimize performance, including features developed with insight from Carey Price. Other NHL starting goalies such as Brian Elliot and John Gibson have switched to the CCM E-Flex III line this season, and you’ll be able to make the switch when the E-Flex III’s are released on April 28th, 2017.
CCM E-Flex 3 Goalie Pads | NHL Montreal Canadiens Carey Price

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E-Flex III Pads

The most noticeable update on the new CCM E-Flex III goalie pads is the new, fully-customizable graphic with extra colour zones for even greater colour customization options. But there are far more changes to this pad than just an upgraded graphic. The CCM E-Flex III pads are covered in a new, textured clarino material called SpeedSkin. New CCM SpeedSkin Technology applies a textured coating to traditional clarino material that greatly reduces friction against the ice, increasing the slideability of the pad and giving you much greater speed in your butterfly. The construction of the new CCM E-Flex III pads is also considerably different, with CCM’s new OWD (Optimized Weight Distribution) Core System. This system has given the E-Flex III pads a thinner profile for reduced weight, a larger knee landing for increased stability in the butterfly, and a more balanced weight distribution to ensure a tight, consistent seal to the ice.

CCM E-Flex 3 Goalie Pads | Source For SportsCCM E-Flex 3 Goalie Pads | Source For Sports

CCM has also introduced their new QK5 strapping system on the E-Flex III pads. The QK5 strapping system replaces traditional cowhide straps with a composite strap to reduce weight, increase flexibility and provide greater durability than traditional straps. The QK5 strapping system also includes a strap at the top of the calf muscle to keep your leg inside the leg channel, and allow the pad to react quicker when moving in and out of the butterfly position.

E-Flex III Blocker

Although blockers are usually seen as one of the least exciting pieces of goalie equipment, the CCM E-Flex III blocker features some significant upgrades that are certainly worthy of excitement. The E-Flex III blocker has added D3O foam protection around the index finger to guard against shots that ride up the paddle of your stick. It also features another layer of finger protection inspired by Carey Price, which provides even greater finger protection while allowing your index finger to sit flush on your paddle. It also features a combination of Sure Grip and Nash on the palm for greater grip on your stick, and an adjustable cuff for optimal wrist mobility.

CCM E-Flex 3 Goal Equipment Blocker | Source For Sports

E-Flex III Glove

CCM E-Flex gloves have been a favourite among goalies at all levels for their performance, comfort, and protection, and the new CCM E-Flex III glove is no different. The glove features D3O foam in the palm area to reduce stingers and allow for a game-ready closure. The new E-Flex III glove also features a stock double-T pocket to control pucks in the glove and let you track pucks through the glove’s webbing. The cuff angle has also been updated thanks to more feedback from Carey Price, with the inside top edge of the cuff angled towards the shoulder to help you stop more pucks on the high glove side. The stock E-Flex III glove comes with a one-piece cuff and 600 break, but custom gloves are available with a two-piece cuff and a 600 break, as well as a 590 break in both a one and two-piece cuff.

CCM E-Flex 3 Goalie Equipment

The new CCM E-Flex III gear combines all of quality and performance goalies expect from the E-Flex series, as well as new innovations to help you stop more pucks. Visit your local Source For Sports on April 28th to get your set!


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