Get Fitted With The Bauer 3D Skate Lab

by Source For Sports Hockey Step into the future now with the state-of-the-art BAUER 3D Skate Lab available at Source For Sports.

The BAUER 3D Skate Lab uses scientific algorithms to determine the perfect skate for you – from skate size and width, to one of Bauer’s signature Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus models.

There are three steps to the 3D Skate Lab process – Scan, Analyze, and Fit.

Scanning Your Foot For Scientific Data

First up, Scan. The scanner creates a 3D rendering of your foot in mere seconds after you step on the device with socks or bare feet. This technology is powered by Volumental, a Swedish company specializing in custom foot scanning for top footwear and foot gear brands. The scanner uses a foot profile system that targets seven points on your foot, and identifies the key areas requiring special attention for the best possible custom mold.

Analyzing Your Data For the Best Possible Results

Next, Analyze. The integrated measurement system will analyze your foot in no time, providing key information on the length, width, and depth of your foot profile. With these crucial analytics and built-in algorithms, the BAUER 3D Skate Lab understands exactly what type of space and support you’d require for your foot from heel to toe.

A Custom Fit Like No Other

Lastly, Fit. Now equipped with the most accurate knowledge of your foot, the Skate Lab can determine which BAUER Vapor, Supreme, or Nexus hockey skates match up best to provide optimal comfort and support for your foot’s needs.

At the end of your 3D fit experience, you can save your results like Auston Matthews, Patrick Kane, and Jack Eichel by creating and archiving your exclusive player profile in the BAUER player database. Your skate metrics can be accessed for future skate fitting to further improve your comfort and performance.

Between the Skate Lab and our experts at Source For Sports, you’ll be sure to put your best BAUER foot forward. The Bauer 3D Skate Lab is available at 18 Source For Sports hockey stores across Canada. Step on up and find your perfect pair of BAUER hockey skates using the BAUER 3D Skate Lab at your local Source For Sports hockey retailer.

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