Product Review: CCM Premier Pro Goalie Gear

by Source For Sports Goalie The CCM Premier line of goalie equipment is designed to amplify your coverage.

CCM has stepped up their game in the goalie world.

NHL players such as Marc-Andre Fleury from Pittsburgh Penguins and Roberto Luongo Florida Panthers  are stoked for the introduction the new CCM Premier Pro goalie gear. Designed to maximize coverage and play big, the CCM Premier Pro combines D30 technology (which was introduced in last year’s CCM E-Flex {link to product} goalie equipment) with Adidas’ adiprene and adiprene+ technology to create new, elite innovative goalie equipment.

CCM has conducted major research and testing with the University of Western Ontario (link video) and have optimized the biomechanics of goalie equipment by considering:

  • Weight of a pad and distribution of weight within the pad
  • The protection the pad offers
  • Mobility and recovery time in the pads
  • Puck rebound control

D30 is a patented smart foam, engineered to create a soft, flexible material that reacts to various levels of impact. D30 hardens immediately when an impact occurs, thereby dispersing the energy, then the foam quickly returns to its original state. CCM Premier Pro goal pads also offer adiprene which absorbs shock, and adiprene+ which deadens the puck and controls the rebounds for the goalie.

Premier Pro Goal Pads

The CCM Premier Pro goal pad has an injected molded foam core, giving the pad a thinner profile. This design reduces weight and improves pad balance by using a high density foam to maintain stiffness and keep the pad face square to the shooter. The No Break Outerflex design of the pad offers maximum coverage. The inner Flex is a pre-curved single break core which helps close the five-hole. The Boot Channel in the Premier Pro pad is shallow and soft for faster transition into the butterfly position, and allows for the pad to sit on the goal skates perfectly without hindering movement. The new design of the deeper knee cradle works with the boot channel to enhance the five-hole closure in the butterfly position and reverse VH stance. The Pro-Strap System constructed of pro-leather straps optimizes your leg rotation with a new single knee and single calf strap design. Ensuring the pad is flush to the ice with exceptional glide, CCM has injected a 3D molded EPP foam.

Premier Pro Catch Glove

The Premier Pro catch glove is known for its game ready feel and larger catching area. Featuring an anatomical hand strap design for increased comfort and feel, this catcher has D30 smart foam in the palm for shock absorption and protection when saving hard shots. For easy closure, the CCM Premier Pro glove offers a single offset pocket tee and a break angle of 590 in the middle of hand. To adjust for a perfect fit, there is a webbing strap through the cuff on the wrist strap. To ensure your fingers are protected, the cuff/thumb has injected molded PE and EPE foam for impact absorption, as well as raised foam in the finger guard. The inspiring fit and comfortable hand closure allow for more catching area, and expand the sweet spot of the glove.

Premier Pro Blocker

With harder shots and more rushes to the net, the CCM Premier Pro Blocker will change your game by providing maximum coverage with the one piece first finger, thumb and cuff protection. D30 smart foam is located on the first finger of the blocker, protecting you if the puck slides up the paddle. For maximum coverage, this blocker has a bindingless design on the front for increased durability. The blocking board has a laminated dual density foam with PE, helping to control rebounds and put power behind directing the puck out of play. To have the perfect fit, the adjustable cuff increases your mobility for stick handling, and allows for easy adjustments on the spot. The palm position on the CCM Premier Pro Blocker is centered for balance; the palm material is a sure-grip nash for excellent stick feel. For increased durability, the palm gussets have a ventilated mesh.


Elevate your game with the new CCM Premier Pro Pad, Catcher and Blocker. The technology and weight distribution will have you stopping the puck all season long. Don’t forget to check out the New CCM Pro 1.9 Goal stick (link stick) also part of the CCM Premier Pro goalie line. Visit your local Source For Sports goalie retailer and be fit by the experts.

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