CCM Premier II Goal Gear Review

by Source For Sports Goalie The new CCM Premier II’s are packed with new innovations that will help you elevate your performance.

Whether it was under the Reebok or CCM name, the Premier series has been around for well over a decade, and most goalies have had experience with the Premier series at some point during their career. Personally, I used a set of Reebok Premier 4 gear for just over two years and absolutely loved them, which is why I was so excited to try out the new CCM Premier Pro II pads, catch glove, and blocker. While the new Premier II’s retain the same classic fit and feel that has made the Premier series some of the most popular gear ever, the new CCM Premier II’s are packed with new innovations that will help you elevate your performance.

CCM Premier II Pro Pads

CCM Premier II Pro | Source For Sports

Aside from the new graphic, the first thing I noticed about the new CCM Premier II Pro pads is their weight. CCM has once again thinned the profile of their Premier series pads to drastically reduce the weight of the pad. Weighing in at approximately 4.5 lbs for a 34+2” pad, the new Premier II pad is significantly lighter than Premier I Pro pad, and in the same weight range as almost every other new pad hitting the market in 2018. Trying these on after my experience in my old Premier 4’s I was shocked because the CCM Premier II’s are a full 2 pounds lighter! The Premier Pro II pads also feature CCM’s SpeedSkin that was introduced with the CCM E-Flex III gear, designed to help you slide faster in your butterfly with less effort and make those cross-crease saves. I tried these pads out on very scratched up ice and the Speedskin on this pad helped me slide far further than I expected with much less effort, so on a fresh sheet of ice these pads will make your butterfly slides lightning-quick.

The CCM Premier II Pro Pads also feature new Litecore Technology, which makes the core of the pad 20% lighter than the Premier I pad, while simultaneously making the pad sturdier for a better ice seal and harder rebounds. CCM’s new Max Rebound Technology will help eliminate second-chance opportunities, as the directional energy transfer foam produces powerful rebounds to launch the puck far away from your net. I found that even on softer shots to the pads, my rebounds had enough momentum to easily reach the corners, rather than having rebounds leak into the slot for potential second-chance opportunities.

While the weight reduction and addition of Speedskin already make the CCM Premier II pad a major improvement over the Premier I, the real game-changer is CCM’s new Quick Motion Strap System. The Quick Motion Strap System is the brainchild of CCM and researchers from Western University, who set out to find the strapping setup that is the most responsive to a goaltender’s movements, so your pads will quickly snap down to the ice every time you drop into a butterfly. This has resulted in almost all strapping on the CCM Premier II pad to be elastic, except for the new Quick Motion calf strap, which is made of a non-stretch webbing material to keep your leg inside the leg channel at all times, driving your pad to the ice more efficiently. Beyond making these pads easier to put on and take off, the Quick Motion Strapping System noticeably updates the feel of the CCM Premier II pads. Whereas previous versions of the Premier series seemed to perform best when worn loosely, the Quick Motion Strapping System, with its new calf strap makes the pad feel less like a goal pad and more of an extension of your own leg by keeping your leg secured in the leg channel.

The one specific feature that really jumped out at me was the padding and materials in the knee landing. The 3D Grip EPP foam in the knee landing cushions the impact so well that no matter how fast or how hard I tried to drop into my butterfly, I felt like I was landing softly on my knees while still completely sealing the ice. While I’m not a doctor and can’t say that a softer landing in your butterfly is better for your knees and hips, it certainly can’t be any worse for them!

CCM Premier II Pro Glove

Just like the pads, the new Premier II Pro Glove has also undergone a fair bit of weight loss to help you quickly snag those shots headed for the top corner. To help you track those shots is the updated double T pocket. The Double T on the CCM Premier II glove is built for optimal visibility through the glove so you can watch the puck from release all the way into your pocket through the mesh. It also helps you know without a doubt that you have the puck covered in your glove as you can see the puck so clearly through the pocket. I personally found that the new pocket really helped keep pucks in the glove, as the lacing not only helps to reduce the spin of the puck on contact, and the Double T dampens the impact of the puck to keep it from popping out.

The new CCM Premier II catch glove includes D3O Technology in the palm of the glove much like the Premier I glove did. The D3O foam helps absorb the impact of the puck hitting the palm, eliminating stingers and providing complete palm protection. The new CCM Premier II glove comes with the stock 590 break with the classic finger-to-thumb closure that has made it one of the most popular glove breaks of all time.

The new CCM Premier II glove also includes an all-new webbing strap in the cuff of the glove that allows quick and easy adjustments to ensure a proper fit. On the backside of the glove, the CCM Premier II glove also includes raised HD Foam finger padding that protects your hand from slashes when covering up the puck.

CCM Premier II Pro Blocker

The new CCM Premier II Pro Blocker carries over all the beloved aspects that Premier users have always loved while adding some new features to reduce weight, improve balance, and add more protection. The new CCM Premier II Pro includes a redesigned inside thumb protector to give your hand greater all-around protection while not interfering with how you like to hold your stick. I had no issues whatsoever transitioning from my stance to playing the puck, and really liked the feel of the new thumb protection.

The CCM Premier II Pro Blocker also incorporates D3O foam in the index finger to protect your finger from pucks that slide up your paddle and into your blocker. The new CCM Premier II Pro Blocker also features a brand new anatomical cuff for complete wrist mobility. This increase in mobility makes playing the puck far easier and can help you angle rebounds off your blocker exactly where you want them to go.

The new CCM Premier II Pro goal gear combines the familiar traditional feel of the Lefevbre built Premier series, with new weight-saving, sliding, and protection technology. Whether you have experience with the Premier series like me or you’re considering them for the first time, the new CCM Premier II goal gear has everything you’ll need to improve your game. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of classic feel with modern performance, visit your local Source For Sports in Spring 2018 to get fitted for a set of CCM Premier II Pro goalie gear!

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