Gym Etiquette: What You Need to Know

by Source For Sports Fitness Training Follow these simple steps to look like a gym regular even if you aren't.

With the New Year now well underway, your workout routine ought to be at ‘gym bunny’ or ‘gym rat’ status. But regardless of whether you’ve locked down your fitness routine or are perhaps still working out a few kinks the question remains: have you been mindful of your gym etiquette? While gym etiquette is important all year round, throughout the ‘busy season’ (i.e. now) it’s all the more imperative that you mind your gym manners.

Here are 5 gym don’ts – to keep things civil:

Don’t over-socialize

We’re all too familiar with the ever-present, always annoying, “why won’t you just go away!” gym socializer. Sure, to some extent socializing or simply being friendly while at the gym is normal, but if you find your workout to be stretching past an hour, chances are you should probably be doing a little less talking and a little more exercising! Be respectful to others around you and their need to focus – with busy schedules to keep, many people just need to focus to get in and out of the gym quickly.

Don’t be a cell-talker

Ditching your cell phone during your workout may not always prove the best option for you. Perhaps you’re waiting for an important call or perhaps you keep track of each exercise using your phone’s notepad. Whatever the case may be, while it may be necessary for you to answer that phone call, it’s likely a distraction for those around you. Take it somewhere private or don’t take it at all!

Don’t be the class ‘dummy’

You’re late for Zumba or Hot Yoga. Maybe you slept in an extra few minutes or are simply running behind. If you’re walking into a class late, try to cause as little disturbance as possible. In other words, don’t shove yourself to the front of the class, step over others, or interrupt everyone with excuses for your tardiness.

Don’t be an equipment hog

With the gym’s busy season in full swing, being able to access machines can be difficult. Don’t be that somebody who takes an inappropriate amount of time to complete an exercise – leave no more than 30 seconds to a minute between sets. Not only will this ensure that you aren’t tying up a machine, it’ll help you maintain a steady heart rate and therefore maximize your workout.

Don’t leave weights lying around

Navigating your way through throngs of sweaty human bodies is bad enough as is – there’s no need to make things worse by causing others to trip over misplaced weights. Most gyms typically indicate what weight, or weights, go where – simply replace your weight once you are finished with it and avoid giving yourself or someone else a stubbed toe.

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