Line Skis & Full Tilt Ski Boots Review

by Source For Sports Alpine Skiing Line Skis and Full Tilt Ski Boots will help you perform your best on the slopes.

Whether you’re hitting the terrain park or fresh powder in the backcountry, Line Skis and Full Tilt Ski boots are packed full of features that will help you get the most out of every day on the hill.

Line Chronic Skis:

Line Chronic Ski

Able to dominate any feature you can find in a terrain park, the Chronic ski is lightweight and durable to help you master every rail and every jump. The Capwall construction keeps the ski light and responsive while still letting you dig into the snow for crisp, precise turns. The Chronic is constructed with Aspen as well as two Maple stringers for strength and durability, while the Fatty base and edge is 30% thicker than an average ski to further increase durability and the lifespan of the ski. The tips of the ski feature Thin Tip construction and are 100 grams lighter, and the Early Rise shape of the tips makes turning easier and allowing easier float in soft snow. The Line Chronic’s Symmetrical Flex gives you consistent performance and feel whether you’re going forwards or backwards, and 5-Cut sidecut blends 5 different radii shapes to deliver unlimited turn shape. The Line Chronic ski is a truly versatile park ski that will let you shred every terrain park you ski.

Line Honey Badger Skis:

Line Honey Badger Ski

Right at home in any snow, the Line Honey Badger ski will help you perform better no matter where you are on the ski hill. The 4D Fibercap includes 4 directions of fiberglass woven across the top for lightweight durability, and a bamboo core for greater strength. The Carbon Ollieband gives the ski extra pop on jumps and the Early Rise tip and tail makes the Honey Badger easy to turn and maneuver. The Thin Tips at the tip and tail reduce weight by 100 grams, and the Fatty Base and Edge provides a 30% thicker base to increase durability and tuning life. The Honey Badger’s Symmetrical Flex gives you a consistent ride whether you’re facing forwards or backwards, and the 5-Cut sidecut gives you intuitive control of your ski and unlimited turn shape. The Line Honey Badger is packed with features that will let you shred fresh powder or a groomed terrain park with ease.

Full Tilt Descendant 4 Ski Boot:

With a wide fit and soft flex, the Full Tilt Descendant 4 ski boot delivers comfort for wide feet and a flexible fit with optimum mobility. Its 102 mm width means its perfect for wide-footed skiers or anyone who likes a little wiggle room in their boots and the ribbed tongue allows for consistent, linear flex from your shin to your toes, and you can adjust the flex of your boots simply by swapping out the tongue. The Line Descendant 4 boots also feature an easy, lateral angle adjustment for greater control and tool-less forward angle adjustment to give you the perfect amount of forward lean for your ski style. The Infinitie Pivot on the Descendant 4’s means the rear cuff will never bottom out giving you less shell distortion, meaning no matter how intense the terrain you’ll have optimal control of your ski with no shin pain.

Full Tilt Descendant 6 Ski Boot:

A 102 mm wide boot, the Full Tilt Descendant 6 ski boot is for skiers with wider feet. The Descendant 6 includes a ribbed tongue that can be adjusted by removing and replacing the tongue for greater or less flex depending on the skier’s preference. The lateral adjustment allows you to adjust the skis to the perfect angle for your skiing style, and the tool-less forward lean adjustment helps you make your boots as custom fit as possible. Infinite pivot means the shell will distort less for no shin pain and greater control, the FTE Evolution 3-Piece Shell gives the ski a wider footprint for greater stability, and the Dual Material Outsoles give the boots greater grip on the ski.

Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boot:

The Drop Kick boot from Full Tilt is 99mm for a more narrow and snug fit. The ribbed tongue allows for easy forward flex, and these tongues can be removed and replaced with stiffer or softer tongues depending upon the skier’s preference. The lateral adjustment feature on the Full Tilt Drop Kick boot gives the skis more responsiveness, and the tool-free forward lean adjustability lets you fine tune the boots to match your skiing style perfectly. The Drop Kick boots also feature the infinite pivot design, which means the rear cuff will never bottom out, meaning you’ll never experience the shin pain that comes with direct shin-toshell-contact.

For performance, comfort, and adjustability, hit the slopes this season with Line skis and Full Tilt boots.

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