Shipping & Delivery

Currently, we accept Visa and MasterCard as methods of payment, as well as the use of the Source For Sports "Givex" Gift Card. All orders are subject to our verification process to authorize valid payment. In order to prevent fraudulent activity we must verify all "Bill To" and "Ship To" addresses. Please make sure to provide your exact billing address and phone number that corresponds with the credit card you are using. An error in the information submitted may cause a delay in the shipment or may have your order cancelled completely.

In the event that the site detects potential fraudulent patterns as defined by our fraud detection rules, one of our representatives will contact you directly to verify your purchase. These fraud rules are put in place to safeguard you, our valued customers.

If for any reason you feel that you card or account is compromised, please contact or call us Toll-Free at 1-844-917-7687 Extension 6.

If an order is deemed "Undeliverable" by one of our shipping partners it will be taken to the regional pick up facility and will remain there until you pick up the parcel. If you do not pick up the parcel after 5 business days the parcel will be returned to us at your cost. Once the parcel is returned to the designated fulfillment store, you will be refunded in full minus all shipping costs. This includes the cost to send the parcel to you AND the cost to return the parcel to us as well as any additional fees from our shipping partners.

See our Return and Exchange Policy for details.

Reasons a package may be deemed undeliverable:

  • Address or postal code was incorrect
  • No one was home to sign for the package
  • Address has a block on shipments
  • Package was damaged or would not fit on the delivery vehicle
  • Shipping partner was unable to access the property
  • Package was damaged during transit
  • Package was refused by someone at your location
  • The shipping company deemed that there was no safe location to leave the package

The site's order routing engine determines which fulfillment location(s) will ship your purchase after you have completed and submitted your order.  The fulfillment location(s) will verify their acceptance of your shipment, at which point you will receive an email including a tracking number to notify you that your order is ready to ship. Our routing engine attempts to route shipments to the closest fulfillment location(s) based on your ship to address. Average delivery times range from 3-5 business days.

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