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How To Choose the Right Running Shoe

Running is one of the most traditional and easy-to-start forms of exercise; you don’t require much equipment other than pair of shoes that correspond to your foot and running style, and motivation.

by Source For Sports Running

Motivation to Run Harder

Running the same route day after day can be very boring. Becoming complacent in your runs can affect the performance outcomes you are striving for, as well as drop your motivational drive.

by Source For Sports Running

Nutrition: Marathon Training

Eating the right foods before, during, and after your run will have a significant impact on your performance on race day.

by Zeina Khawam, R.D. Running

Marathon Check List

You have prepared with months of training, and there are just 24 hours left until the gun goes off. Our Marathon Check List will give you tips to get yourself organized for the big day.

by Source For Sports Running

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