CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick

by Source For Sports Hockey With an improved Mid-Kick and new shaft technology, here is CCM's new Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick.

Earlier this year, we saw CCM introduce the highly-regarded Super Tacks AS1 hockey skates. They’ve helped you hit your stride, and now CCM is ready to get you scoring. With an improved Mid-Kick and new shaft technology, CCM presents the stellar new Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick. The Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick is ready to shoot in your local Source For Sports elite CCM hockey store today!

The New Go-To for Mid-Kick Point Sticks

Using research from their performance lab, CCM managed to identify an ideal combination of soft flex zone positioning and the stiff taper transition. This means maximized loading and power in every shot, and CCM believes it will become one of the go-to combinations for Mid-Kick hockey sticks moving forward.

Fresh Innovation with X-Flow Technology

New X-Flow molding technology means a better quality and more consistent shaft throughout. By removing resin and voids during the molding process, CCM has managed to further reduce the weight of the Super Tacks AS1 stick as well as enhance its durability. Just when you thought hockey sticks couldn’t get any lighter, CCM refused to accept present-day stick weights as ‘the lightest possible’, and they continue to strive for excellence in every area of product innovation.

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick | Source For Sports

Even Better Stability and Control

With each new hockey stick design comes a chance to assist with key areas of a player’s game, and the improved stability and control in the Super Tacks AS1 is no exception. With a stiff taper and optimal vertical flex, the AS1 avoids any lag time when making plays with the puck, be it a pass or leaning into a hard shot. Since the stiff taper is combined with a stiff blade, the stick won’t twist when loading before puck release.

A Redesigned Intermediate Model

With help from Elite women’s and youth hockey players, CCM has redesigned the intermediate model of the Super Tacks AS1 stick. With specific attention to detail, CCM has improved both control and comfort through the addition of rounded corners and concave sides to the stick shaft.

The Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick is yet another example of top quality product from the team at CCM. From product lines for youth to the highest calibre player, CCM delivers on performance through a thirst for hockey product innovation and a love of the game. See for yourself when you get your hands on the new Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick at your local Source For Sports.

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