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About Sussex Source for Sports

Sussex Source For Sports is a member of Canada's largest buying group, and is affiliated with over 150 other Source For Sports stores across Canada. This membership gives us access to top level products at competitive prices.  

We are a locally owned sporting good and service retailer, specializing in Hockey equipment, Baseball equipment, Fitness equipment, Footwear and Apparel. Custom quality team uniforms, custom apparel and made to order equipment is also available at Sussex. We utilize The Pro-Formance Advantage equipment fitting system in order to ensure a safe and proper fit every time.

We have proudly been serving Sussex and its surrounding areas since 1983. We serve the surrounding communities of Belleisle, Norton, Hampton, Apohaqui, Berwick, Penobsquis, Waterford and many more. Sussex Source For Sports invites customers to come shop a wide selection of sporting goods at competitive prices.

Sussex Source For Sports is proud to support the local community in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. We sponsors the following organizations; Sussex District Minor Hockey, Hampton Minor Hockey, Petitcodiac Minor Hockey, Sussex Regional High Sonics, Dairy Town Classic Basketball Tournament, Sussex Minor Basketball, Sussex Minor Baseball and Kings County Soccer.

Sports We Specialize In

Each Source For Sports across Canada is unique in its own way. We specialize in Hockey equipment, Baseball equipment, Fitness equipment, Footwear and Apparel.

Services Offered

 Skate Sharpening

Skate Molding

Blade Contouring

Skate Stretching

Skate Pounding

Holder Installation
Runner Installation

Rivet Replacement

Eyelet Replacement

 Custom Apparel

 Custom Equipment

Team & League Uniforms

 Custom Corporate Apparel

 Custom Promotional Products

 Custom Tournament Apparel

 Racquet Restringing

Racquet Regripping

Pool Water Testing

Baseball Glove

Bat Regripping

Trophies &


Brands Carried


About Source For Sports

Each Source For Sports store across Canada is unique and is independently owned by a member of the local community who specializes in the sports and services that fit the needs of the community it serves.  “We Know Our Stuff” is a common theme amongst all Source For Sports stores, where you get personal, specialty store service combined with big box store prices.  From beginner to pro, Source For Sports will put you in the right gear for your game.

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