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No matter your budget or level of play, we’re experts at finding you the best value to fit your game. Our Source Exclusive lineup of CCM and Bauer skates are specially designed to offer enhanced comfort and performance. Only at Source for Sports.

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CCM Super Tacks Vector Skates Available Only At Source For Sports
CCM JetSpeed Skates Available Only At Source For Sports
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Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates Only At Source For Sports
Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates Only At Source For Sports
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We'll Find What Fits Your Game.

At Source For Sports, we believe that no two players are quite the same. They have different bodies, styles of play, different skill levels, ambitions, and budgets. Every player deserves to feel confident the skates they buy truly fits their game.

Built From the Ground Up

Did you know that for over 15 years, Source For Sports has partnered with the top brands in hockey to create Source Exclusive hockey equipment that offers you improved features at an incredible price creating value that can’t be found anywhere else?

Each year, our Hockey Committee of Source For Sports store owners from across the United States Of America and Canada meet with the best brands in the game like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Brian’s, TRUE Hockey, and many more to review upcoming product lines and design our Source Exclusive products.

We take existing skates, sticks, shoulder pads, shin pads, gloves, elbow pads, and pants, and add features from higher end models to enhance your performance, comfort, and safety on the ice.

What does this mean for you? Incredible Value! It means you get brand name products with upgraded features at a price that can’t be beat. With countless years of combined experience in hockey retail and playing the game, our Hockey Committee has earned respect and attention from the leading hockey brands, and are considered some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Design is only one element of our Source Exclusive products – we also test the product before it hits the store so we know exactly how it fits and performs on ice to help you find the gear that’s right for your game. That’s why when we say, "We Know Our Stuff", we mean it and can prove it. We can also say with confidence that Source Exclusive products offer some of the best hockey value in Canada. Period. We have Source Exclusive products for all levels of play.

No matter your budget of level of play, we'll find the gear that's right for you. Source Exclusive gear is only available at Source For Sports. Let's find what fits your game.

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