Bauer Nexus ADV Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

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While Bauer has already released previous editions of the ADV stick in both Vapor and Supreme models, the all-new Bauer Nexus ADV Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick promises to deliver a new game changing technology called SlingTech. What else does the Nexus ADV stick deliver on you might ask? Well, the design focuses on weight and geometry, which will propel your game to the next level.

SlingTech Blade Technology

Unlike the Bauer's previous Vapor and Supreme ADV hockey sticks, the all-new Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick has a hole in its blade. By adding a hole in the blade, Bauer was able to create two separate blade sections with different properties that work together while loading and releasing shots. How did they do this? The top of the blade is stiff or more rigid, while the bottom of the blade offers more flex, which ultimately releases the puck. This construction therefore creates sort of a sling shot effect.

What about its durability? Bauer has conducted 2000 hours of on-ice testing for the Nexus ADV hockey stick, performed an FEA computerized analysis (Finite Element Analysis) predicting how the ADV will react in the real-world taking into account breakage, and wear and tear, as well as performed in-lab deconstructions testing of the stick after on-ice use.

What were the results of all the testing? Bauer has reinforced the edges of the blade hole to ensure durability is on par with their elite hockey sticks.

Now to address the elephant in the room; players should tape the stick the same way they always have.

New Geometry 5-Sided Shaft

Bauer's releasing a new revolutionary 5-sided shape with the Nexus ADV stick with a spine along the back of the shaft to remove excess carbon fibers layers. What does this mean for you? It reduces weight, provides faster energy transfer from kick-point to your blade, and Bauer claims it's easier to load and release shots.

The new 5-sided shape on the Nexus ADV hockey stick is designed to contour the palm of your hand to maximize feel and control through the ER Spine technology. This should feel a bit weird yet natural as the improvement in the shaft will help with your stick handling and cradling of the puck.

Ultra Lightweight

The Bauer Nexus ADV is a whopping 365g. The construction of the stick is made of advanced carbon layering, which will make the stick feel like as light as any other Bauer elite stick on the market.


Bauer is continuously on the leading edge of hockey gear and the hockey industry expects great things from them in 2020, and the launch of the Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick is a prime example of what is to come this year. The Nexus ADV comes in 50, 55, 65, 70, 77, and 87 flex options, and offered in P92, P88, and P28 curves. The Nexus ADV also comes with a standard 30-day warranty and the Nexus ADV hockey stick is exclusively available in-store for the first 30 days after launch into market. Find your Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick available at participating Source For Sports hockey stores near you and elevate your game.

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