Bauer Supreme Matrix Junior Hockey Skates 2018

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Source Exclusive: Bauer Supreme Matrix Skates

When the world’s #1 hockey skate company teams up with the #1 hockey retailer in the country, good things are bound to happen. The Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix skates for 2018 are no exception, and certainly rep both brands well in the quality department.the 2018 Bauer Supreme Matrix hockey skates are designed from the 2018 Supreme S29 model and include upgrades found in the elite level Supreme 2S skates. These features elevate the matrix to an elite level skate, at a performance level price to give you the best value in the game.

A Strong Base Model

To start, let’s dissect the 2018 Bauer Supreme S29. A performance level skate with a 3-D fiber composite quarter package, a hydrophobic microfiber lining with comfortable memory foam, a 2-piece felt tongue with a high-density reinforced metatarsal guard, a form-fit+ footbed with added grip and ventilation, and an LS1 stainless steel blade. Certainly, a solid option, but when improved with upgrades taken from the 2s skate model, it becomes a skate built to last and provide incredible value.

An Improved Foot Experience

Inside the supreme matrix skates, you’ll find the same lock-fit liner as the Supreme 2S model with an added wear patch to improve the internal durability of the skates. The lock-fit liner basically ‘locks’ your foot into the boot for a secure fit while increasing responsiveness for a comfortable and powerful stride.

A Pro Level Outsole

These skates benefit from one pro level upgrade, which is the 2S PRO model’s composite outsole with vent holes for increased aeration. This design allows for superior comfort by helping keep feet dry and maintaining a lightweight and top-quality construction.

Even More Comfort From The Tongue

Another 2S upgrade on the Supreme Matrix skates is the tongue. The reflex tongue from the 2S is a 3-piece, 48oz felt tongue with an injected metatarsal guard. It’s highly protective and allows for more comfortable flexibility through strategically increased padding. You’ll feel more comfort in sharp turns and transitions without sacrificing mobility.

One Of The Best Bauer Runners

Lastly, the blade chosen for the Supreme Matrix skates is one of the best Bauer has to offer. Instead of the TUUK LS1 stainless steel option found on the S29, The Supreme Matrix hockey skates boast the much improved LS2+ Black Oxidized Runner – a stronger, longer-lasting blade that looks and feels sleek on the ice. Thanks to upgrades to make the Source Exclusive Bauer Supreme Matrix hockey skates among the best value products in the game, you’ll be sure to enjoy pro and elite level upgrades for comfort and performance all game long


  • QUARTER PACKAGE: 3-D fiber composite+
  • LINING MATERIAL: Hydrophobic Microfiber
  • ANKLE PADDING: Lightweight Memory Foam Ankle Pads
  • TONGUE: 2-Piece 48oz Felt Tongue With High-Density Reinforced Metatarsal Guard
  • FOOTBED: Form-Fit+ With Stabilizer Grip And Ventilation
  • THERMOFORMABLE: Thermoformable Upper
  • OUTSOLE: Fiber Composite
  • BLADE HOLDER: TUUK Lightspeed Edge
  • RUNNER: TUUK LS1 Stainless Steel


  • Upgraded TUUK LS2+ Black Oxidized Runner adds height improving agility and lengthens the life of the steel
  • Upgraded SUPREME 2S Lock-Fit Liner with wear patch increases overall comfort and durability
  • Upgraded to Bauer Supreme 2s Pro composite outsole with vent holes
  • Upgraded Reflex 3-Piece 48oz. Tongue from the Supreme 2S with injected metatarsal guard for added comfort and lace bite protection
  • Upgraded ultra lightweight vented composite outsole from the Supreme 2s Pro, reduces weight and enhances energy transfer
  • Laces with black/yellow tracers


  • 1-2.5 FULL AND HALF / D

Features & Specifications

Source Exclusive products only available at Source For Sports

Product Features

Boot Warranty

90 Days


3-D Fiber Composite+




Form-Fit+ With Stabilizer Grip And Ventilation

Heat Moldable

Thermoformable Upper


Tuuk Lightspeed Edge

Internal & Ankle Padding

Lightweight Memory Foam Ankle Pads

Lining Material

Bauer Supreme 2S Liner With Wear Patch


Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Composite Outsole With Vent Holes

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