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REVIEW: True Hockey XCORE 9 Hockey Stick 2015

by Source For Sports | Hockey | June 10, 2015
Players of all levels will benefit from the XCORE ...

Pro-Formance Advantage SuperFeet Footbed

by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 29, 2014
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  • Pro-Formance Advantage SuperFeet Footbed

    Biomechanical research and design innovations have shown that adding a footbed to your skate can alleviate improper foot alignment that can lead to restricted blood circulation and foot pain.
  • Pro-Formance Advantage: Skate Sharpening

    In hockey, skating is everything and a poor sharpening will certainly hurt your game. The Precision Balance® custom sharpening system is designed to produce a consistent sharpening every time. This e...
  • Pro-Formance Advantage: Skate Fitting

    In hockey, skating is everything. Pro-Formance Advantage® is a custom fitting system designed to put you in the right skate for your game to increase your comfort, safety and performance on the ice.
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