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  • How to: Choose the Right Running Shoe

    by Source For Sports | Footwear | April 14, 2015
    Runners have a choice of shoes in an array of wild colour trends and patterns with technical features that are light weight, breathable, and are designed to improve your ability an...
  • The Anatomy of a Soccer Cleat

    by Source For Sports | Footwear | March 16, 2015
    The game of soccer is a great sport to play during the summer, fall or winter seasons. Whether you or your child is playing outdoor or indoor soccer, choosing the right soccer shoe...
  • Motivation to Run Harder

    by Source For Sports | Footwear | October 31, 2014
    Running the same route day after day can be very boring. Becoming complacent in your runs can affect the performance outcomes you are striving for, as well as drop your motivationa...
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