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  • On Being a Goalie: Between Your Ears

    by Rod Kirk, The Goalie Guy | Goalie | November 3, 2015
    Strategies and techniques to develop your mental strength and internal dialogue are essential for performance in sport, and in life.
  • A Goalie Parent Story: What Goes Around, Comes Around

    by Rod Kirk, The Goalie Guy | Goalie | November 3, 2015
    We love the sport, and, like most parents, we do everything we can to ensure that our children get to participate in the game to the best of our ability and resources.
  • Pro-Formance Advantage: Shaping a Goalie Trapper

    by Source For Sports | Goalie | October 19, 2015
    Your goalie catcher is an amazing piece of equipment, constructed with features that will allow you to work the glove into a shape that will maximize its catching abilities.
  • Pro-Formance Advantage: Custom Stick Fitting System

    by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 19, 2015
    At Source For Sports® we have the Pro-Formance Advantage Stick Fitting System to make sure that you get the stick that is right for you.
  • Pro-Formance Advantage SuperFeet Footbed

    by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 19, 2015
    Biomechanical research and design innovations have shown that adding a footbed to your skate can alleviate improper foot alignment that can lead to restricted blood circulation and...
  • Motivation to Run Harder

    by Source For Sports | Footwear | October 19, 2015
    Running the same route day after day can be very boring. Becoming complacent in your runs can affect the performance outcomes you are striving for, as well as drop your motivationa...
  • It's All About the Equipment

    by Rod Kirk - Goalie Guy | Goalie | October 19, 2015
    I feared for my son’s life for a brief moment. What was he thinking when he agreed to be the practice goalie for some OHL shooters during their off season development?
  • Super Sport

    by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 19, 2015
    For over 10 years, Source For Sports® has been awarding young hockey players across Canada through the Super Sport® program. Over 200,000 Tyke and Novice players aged 5 to 8 have...
  • What is stopconcussions.com?

    by Source For Sports | Alpine Skiing | October 19, 2015
    stopconcussions.com has been designed to educate parents, players, coaches and officials on the cause, effects and consequences of concussions and neurotrauma injuries.
  • Precision Balance Skate Sharpening

    by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 19, 2015
    At Source For Sports we take your game seriously. The Precision Balance Skate Sharpening and Contouring System can elevate your performance and your game.
  • Goalie Catchers 101

    by Source For Sports | Fit Tips | October 19, 2015
    The catcher is a very important piece of equipment that is integral to the performance of a goalie when protecting his net.
  • Hockey Tryout Tips

    by Source For Sports | Hockey | October 19, 2015
    Tryouts can be a very nerve racking time for many minor hockey players across Canada, and for their parents. One of the biggest things a hockey player can keep in mind, and that pa...