A Baseball Story: Marucci

April 15, 2016 filed under Baseball


You only need to look at how Silicon Valley was revolutionized by the garage start-up phenomenon by the likes of Steve Jobs and other algorithm brainiacs to understand the quiet and remarkable success that has grown with the Marucci brand.

In 2002, Louisiana State University athletic director Jack Marucci began making wooden bats for his young son and his teammates who wanted to emulate their favourite players in the Major Baseball League.  Using only wood from an Amish mill and his own lathe, and working in a small shed on his property, requests for these hand-crafted bats grew beyond his son’s Little League team, leading Marucci to craft a few bats for Eduardo Pérez who was an MLB first baseman and personal friend. Soon Jack Marucci was inundated with custom requests from MLB players as word spread about the remarkable performance of his hand wrought wood bats.

Marucci bats are predominately made from premium maple and ash woods from Pennsylvania and southern New York State.  Only 13% of the lumber will make the grade and morph into an MLB bat; any blemishes effectively designate those pieces as “expensive firewood”.

Within 3 years, Marucci bats were approved for MLB use, and in 2005 the backyard shed production was moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Co-owners Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence, both former MLB players, continue to appoint current MLB big hitters as company owners, advisers for product development, board members, and the representatives on the field using the product. This unique business arrangement is a far cry from the usual norm of sponsoring athletes for endorsement. This “Marucci fraternity” is definitely made up of the experts in baseball.

After all, when your word-of-mouth recommendation for a Marucci bat is coming from José Bautista, you are going to listen.

Since 2013, Marucci has captured an impressive share of the major league market, over one-third in fact, and has since expanded its product range with aluminum bats, fielding gloves and apparel.

And Jack Marucci, a dad who wanted to make a wooden bat for his son, never left his day job and remains as a part-owner of the company that bears his name, staying true to the intent that began in a shed in his backyard.

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